Sorting Movies, TV Shows, and Other Videos

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Sorting Movies, TV Shows, and Other Videos Fri Dec 04, 2020 10:42 pm • by Dave
I have made a folder that I can toss files and folders into and it sorts them into one of four subfolders:

1, Movies
2, TV Shows
3, Other Videos
4, anything else (which SHOULD be empty because the folder with these rules is meant to only process videos)

I do this for the videos I use in Plex... My movies are all in folders that have their name and release year -- like Star Wars (1977). So the first rule looks for any folder which follows the pattern:
Code: Select all
Full Name matches ...(...)

Matches are put into a subfolder called Movies.

My TV Shows all have filenames ending with S##E## -- their season and episode numbers. I didn't remember if they had spaces between the S## and the E## -- so I made the next rule look for:
Code: Select all
Name matches ...S123...E123

Matches are put into a subfolder called TV Shows.

Then I look for any file where the Kind is Movie and put it into the Other Videos subfolder...

Then -- to toss anything else into the "anything else" subfolder -- I look for anything where the Kind is NOT Folder (to get files)... OR anything which has ALL of these conditions:
Code: Select all
Kind is Folder
Name is not Movies
Name is not TV
Name is not Other Videos
Name is not the rest

As you see -- I named my "anything else" folder "the rest." :)

Anyway -- I have tested this extensively and it works fine. I did have to do one thing (to get around what I consider a bug)... When the rules processed the move D.O.A. (1949), it didn't match my original rule:
Code: Select all
Name matches ...(...)

It didn't match that rule because it considered the Name to be D... It considered the Extension to be O.A. (1949). That's why I used Full Name for that rule -- because that looks at Name + Extension. I am just lucky I have no TV Shows with periods in their names! (But if I did have some, I'd just use Full Name and change the patterns to include the extensions my videos use... ...but hopefully Mr. Noodle will consider this to be a bug, too, and squash it.)

Anyway -- I hope this helps someone somehow! :)

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