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OpenMeta Goodness (tagging) Sat Oct 01, 2011 5:28 pm • by phlppk
Good evening Hazel community,

thank you for this software and all your Tips & Tricks. I really enjoy using Hazel! I just recently started using a mac at all and Hazel was one of the few applications I decided to buy. In return for this great software I want to give back my first steps with OpenMeta.

There are a couple of great file tagging apps but most of them cost (a lot of) money. Since i already bought Hazel, i decided to turn it into a OpenMeta-Tagging-Machine. For tagging I use two additional free applications:

  1. openmeta (
    This is a neat command-line utility that allows all kind of preset tagging. For example tagging all archived files with "archived".
    To set it up, all you need is to download openmeta and run this in your Terminal:
    Code: Select all
    defaults write com.noodlesoft.Hazel OMToolPath /path/to/openmeta

  2. Tagger (
    GUI application that opens a tagging window for a specific file.
    To set it up, just download Tagger and use this shell script in Hazel:
    Tagger opens a single window for each file Hazel processes. Remove the "&" to get one window at a time.
    Code: Select all
    /Applications/ -f "$1" &

A pretty stupid example that (1) tagges all files with "tagged" and (2) opens Tagger for more manual tagging:

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Re: OpenMeta Goodness (tagging) Sun Apr 14, 2013 3:15 am • by psidnell
I've done something similar here.

This is a python script that scans for #tags in text files and then uses openmeta to tag the file with what it found.

It also adds a tag based on the filename.

I mostly use Leap and nvalt to browse the resultant tags.
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