Tool to swap name and memo in OFX bank transaction files

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OFX files downloaded from my bank annoyingly are merchant-centric and not useful for customers that wish to download transaction data for importation into financial software. The Name of the transaction is the payment method (Debit Card XXXXX), and the Memo is really the merchant (Fred's Flowers).

I have created a tool that rectifies this and it is now a staple of my Hazel workflow. You can see the code at
It is a lifesaver for me, and I hope that someone else finds it useful.
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Thank you. Late to the party, I know, but this might be useful now that my accounting software has stopped connecting directly to my bank.

More generally, though, thanks for showing me there's life beyond AppleScript. I have zero knowledge of Python, and for a job like this I'd probably use a BBEdit macro. It's fascinating to see how it's not that hard to do it properly.
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Hi chazzo, glad this is of some help. The task is fairly simple (conceptually), so many languages could do the trick. I had considered an AWK script, but I just happened to be doing Python recently.
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