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Date Recognition - A genius shares his wisdom Wed Jun 12, 2019 11:56 pm • by MrSeagull
I was about to post after being unable to match the date I wanted in my PDF statements.
My statements look like this
There's three dates nestled together and preferably I'd use Due Date but trying to match "Due Date dd/mm/yyyy" wasn't working. I wondered if it was due to the white spaces and tried adding spaces, tried but failed to add tab keystrokes etc. So I eventually settled for just matching the date format with '1st from beginning of document' to see if I could return anything.
What returned was the date at the bottom left of the screenshot after "Payments/Credits" - which was obviously the date of the last payment and not pertinent to this invoice.
So in a moment of sheer genius I brilliantly copied and pasted the date cluster from the invoice header to a text editor hoping that 'Show Invisibles' would show me what was in that white space - if anything.
What it looked like was this
where XXXXXX is the invoice number and YYYYYY is the customer number - the only number that remains the same.
So I was able to, almost magically, create a contents match rule of "dd/mm/yyyy customer_number and viola!
As I said, genius level stuff.

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Nice tip, copying the text to a Texteditor and showing invisibles, did not thought of that! Thanks for sharing!
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