MS Word Mailmerge - save & print individual files

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I mail merge from an Excel file on a regular basis. It creates one Word doc that contains customer info. Each individual doc has a customer number and an order number.

I have Customer Number Folders. What I have achieved is as follows:

When I run the mail merge I choose edit individual files and then save as PDF into a control folder. I always name the file PS.pdf. When Hazel sees this specific file name the rule runs Automator which then performs pdf split and creates as many files as there are records. The file names are PS-page1, PS-page2, PS-page3 etc. I also get Hazel to delete the original PS.pdf


I then run the 2nd Hazel rule.

I use Contents = contain match to extract customer number from the pdf and I do the same on the folio (order number). For me it's easy because it's always as follows: C102F3456 or C2F3457 etc. The attribute for the Customer Number is [a][123] and the attribute for the folio number is [a][1][1][1][1]

I can now rename the file based on customer number - So C102.pdf, I add that tag ID to it too. It get's saved in it's correct folder and then is is renamed again current date ±, -Payment Schedule-,• Customer Number,• Folio. All of the files then get printed using open with application and mapping to ~/Library/printers and choosing the relevant printer.

I am sure there would be a more efficient way to produce this, but for me it works flawlessly and all happens within seconds.

The splitpdf workflow is available for download here

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