Tip: Check if a video file is HEVC-encoded

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Tip: Check if a video file is HEVC-encoded Wed Feb 27, 2019 10:58 am • by snorbaard
Hi All,
Thought I'd share a rule I created for a niche requirement I had:

Check each time a new video file is added to the Downloads folder and see whether it's HEVC (x.265) encoded.
- Have Mediainfo installed. In my case it's installed in /usr/local/bin/mediainfo by installing it via Homebrew's brew command* :
Code: Select all
brew install mediainfo

Here is my ruleset:

Here is my Shell Script (remember to set it to run in shell /bin/bash
Code: Select all
CODEC=$(/usr/local/bin/mediainfo --Inform="Video;%Format%" "$1")

if [ $CODEC == 'HEVC' ]
   echo "Output 0. HEVC"
   exit 0
   echo "Output 1. Not HEVC"
   exit -1

The echo commands are optional and won't do anything. I used them during debugging.
*You can install Homebrew from here: https://brew.sh
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Thanks for the tip. I've moved the topic to the "Tips & Tricks" forum where it makes more sense.
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