Tag via Content 10th match, f. ex. academic PDFs

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I just had an aaaaaahhh experience with Hazel. I love this app.

I have a lot of academic pdfs: books and articles of all sorts mainly philosophy. Now I wanted to tag all PDFs which are related to Hegel. So I could use the name of the pdf to execute Hazel tagging the file with "Hegel".
But there are a lot of books which do not contain the name "Hegel" in the title but have valuable passages about the german Philosopher: So one could "content match" within the OCRed PDF and look for "Hegel".
BUT: most of my books on philosophy mention Hegel once or twice within their texts, especially in the endnotes.

Solution: Content match the 10th time "Hegel" is mentioned within a PDF. So I get only the PDFs tagged where "Hegel" is at least mentioned 10 times. Of course you can adjust the count on which the rule hits – for now that works pretty well for me.
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Like you, I have a lot of academic PDFs as well (mostly in literature, criticism & theory, and philosophy) and have been thinking about how Hazel can help me improve my organization of them. So far, I've mostly relied on a simple folder system (organized by thinker or field/sub-field) rather than tags or color labels, but I'll definitely look into tagging based on the rule you described.
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