How many folders do you have monitored by Hazel?

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1. How many folders do you have monitored by Hazel?

[*] A simple total number is greatly appreciated and if you feel generous enough to provide more detailed info (see below), that is much welcomed.
# of internal and external Volumes
# network drives (remember that TimeCapsule is a network drive)
# NAS Volumes
# "Main folders" = folders with rules (standard)
# "Sub monitored" = folder without rules or just a single rule that cooperates with a Main folder.
- Sometimes you have to monitor a folder to initiate or aid action in a another "Main folder". This may or may not be optimal. I got the idea from Mr_Noodle in an older post as a work around for another user. There are many creative ways to use Hazel but also very good to adhere to best practices. The tradeoff while using High Sierra is therefore relevant to investigate.

This question is part over larger troubleshooting/best practices investigation of Hazel and MacOS 10.13. I will soon post a background to the issues and why this is very relevant. To those of you that face issues with Hazel and using MacOS 10.13, be aware that it is increasingly more tricky to isolate issues as High Sierra is quite unstable and that it can be very time consuming to verify whether something is a potential bug in the system or hazel, or mix. More to come.
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