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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Hazel and Snow Leopard

PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2012 5:05 pm
by Mr_Noodle
I wanted to put this up here to give those of you running Hazel on Snow Leopard enough advance warning. Given the state of things, it's very likely that starting with version 3.1, Hazel will drop Snow Leopard support, most likely requiring Lion.

I know Tiger and Leopard were only dropped with 3.0 back in March. Unfortunately, there are a few issues which are making it difficult to proceed with 10.6 support:
  • Apple's current developer tools seem to have left 10.6 behind (i.e. the 10.6 sdk no longer ships with XCode)
  • There are bugs in Apple's developer tools which I have to work around to be able to build a version that both takes advantage of Mountain Lion ( 10.8 ) while still running on 10.6. I have filed a bug with Apple but they have shown no sign that this will be fixed.
  • There is a good chunk of third party code that would be totally unnecessary on 10.7 and later. I can attribute at least 2 maintenance releases that were solely the result of this third party code.
  • Dropping Snow Leopard would allow me to drop support for 32-bit. This would free me up in several ways. For one, it would be a major configuration that I would not have to test for. Also, it allows me to use various new technologies that are only available in 64-bit.
It's not an easy decision. Note that it's is not final either, but I'd need to hear some very good arguments for me to reverse it. As it stands, 10.6 usage is a small percentage (you did enable the sending of system profile info, as I asked, didn't you?). In fact, Mountain Lion usage surpassed Snow Leopard usage while ML was still in beta.

There is no set schedule for 3.1 but being a major point release, it won't be out for months as I will be putting some big features in. There will still be maintenance releases to the 3.0.x series as the need arises.

I welcome your thoughts on it here.