PSA: Please enable sending system profile info

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In case you haven't noticed, in Hazel's Info section, you'll find a checkbox for "Include anonymous system profile." If you haven't already, please enable this option:


Why? Because the information it sends is quite valuable to me in planning future releases. It lets me know what kind of systems and configurations are out there. Consider it a way of voting for your configuration and usage. When the decision to continue or drop support for a specific OS release comes up, this is the data I consult. It's also helpful for determining features. If a huge proportion use laptops, then I know that I need to be more concerned with battery life or take into account the same machine being on different networks at different times. If you want to have a say in shaping the future direction of things, this is a key way to do it.

It's anonymous and I don't give out the information, except maybe in aggregate (like saying X% of my users run the latest OS). The "More Info..." button will show exactly what gets transmitted so there shouldn't be any surprises there.

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