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Hazel action and devonthink pro Tue Apr 03, 2012 12:03 pm • by fabiomacori
Good italian afternoon from a just registered newbie.
My name is Fabio and I am just felt in love with hazel.
I am sorry for my poor english and, above all, if the question has been posted but, even if I searched through the forum, I didn't find the answer.

I am trying to configure the right process to import in a specific folder into a specifi database every pdf I download every day (it is a newspaper I am colecting and organizing monthly).

I have tried to create an automator action to use in conjuction with hazel itself but with poor result.
I "saw" into the forum someone is using applescript to do something similar but I don't know that language.

My workflow is:
- download the pdf
- hazel moves it into a pdf folder inside download folder
- then I would like to add it to the devonthink database and erase the original from pdf folder.

I hope I was clear.
Thank you in advance
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