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I have multiple folders I want to apply the same rules to so I created a rule sync setting (.hazelrules file) to apply to each folder. This is taking more steps than I think it should.

What I am doing:
    1. Add a folder
    2. Right-click > Rule Sync Settings…
    3. Click “Use existing sync file”
    4. Click “Continue” On alert dialogue
    5. Select sync file
    6. Click “Done”
    7–99. Repeat steps 1-6 for each folder
How it should work:
    1. Add all folders at once (all added folders are selected)
    2. Right click > Rule Sync Settings…
    3. Click “Use existing sync file”
    4. Select sync file
    5. Click “Done”
So this requires three improvements:
    1. Add multiple folders at one time
    2. Select multiple folders in Folders pane
    3. Allow us to tell Hazel not to show the Sync Warning alert again.
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Can you describe your setup where you would need the same rule for that any folders (or why you have that many folders)? Are the folders under a common folder?
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