Do not need to have Hazel 5 app open all the time right?

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Hi all,

Just want to check. Since Hazel 4 was a preference pane and was always running, I'm assuming v5 does the same and I only need to open the app to edit rules, etc? It is always running a process in the background correct?

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Please ignore, after restarting the application it let me know that I don't have to keep it open :)
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When I first start up my Mac the Hazel window opens. I can close it and things seem to work Ok. Is it expected and necessary that this window appears every time I start my Mac? If not, how do you get it not to show? How does the background app automatically start running when I open Hazel?
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Did you add the app to your login items? Or did you leave the app open when you shutdown/reboot?

The background app is managed internally by a process called launchd, which manages all the processes on the system.
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