Couple of usability suggestions

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Couple of usability suggestions Fri Jul 05, 2019 6:25 pm • by carpii
Two suggestions on this screenshot (one yellow, one orange)



If a directory has been excluded from Spotlight (via Spotlight Prefs -> Privacy), then a lot of file attributes are unavailable.

I excluded ~/Downloads from Spotlight some time ago, but then it took me quite a while this evening to understand why my Hazel rules were no longer working (because the downloaded-from attribute was not available for any file in ~/Downloads).

Also would be worth mentioning this in the TroubleShooting tips thread.


When troubleshooting a rule, it would be great if there was a tickbox you could untick to just disable that rule or action, without necessarily deleting it).
Right now you have to either delete the rule/action, or tweak the criteria in a way that negates it, yet still allows the rest of the rule to run.
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Re: Couple of usability suggestions Mon Jul 08, 2019 11:22 am • by Mr_Noodle
I'll consider checking Spotlight but there are several things to check and there may be no really good definitive way to tell for sure. Nonetheless, I'll add it to the feature database.

As for the second one, I'm not so sure on that. I feel it adds an extra level of complication and yet another thing to double-check every time a user reports their rules aren't working. Are you using the preview function? If so, then it shouldn't matter as you can see the results of all the conditions.
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