Rename a file using the information contained in a pdf.

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Mr_Noodle wrote:You could try finding the date by using a text attribute instead of date and only match against the year and month parts of it.

Yes, that's what I did if my invoices are in the format "yyyymm label" and not "yyyymmdd label".
However, I still have the problem that I have two invoices with the same date but different days and the same label...
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It was challenging, but I think I managed to handle it.

I had to revise my nomenclature, it wasn't as terrifying as I thought, but I did have to change a lot of my rules.

Your idea of merging the data from the table cells to avoid duplicates was the right one.

Thank you and sorry for the difficulties in understanding :)


Ça a été laborieux, mais je crois m'en être sorti.

J'ai dû revoir ma nomenclature, ce n'était pas si terrifiant que ça, mais il fallait changer beaucoup de mes règles par contre.

Votre idée de fusionner les données des cellules du tableau pour éviter les doublons était la bonne.

Merci et désolé pour les difficultés de compréhension :)
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