Anyone using Hazel with the MacOS Ventura public beta?

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I'm having issues getting Hazel to process rules automatically with the MacOS 16 public beta. The logs report the following:

2022-08-30 11:41:30.308 hazelworker[15756] Hazel stopped. Aborting run.
2022-08-30 11:41:30.310 hazelworker[15755] Could not get file events from scheduler.
2022-08-30 11:41:30.317 hazelworker[15755] Done processing folder Downloads
2022-08-30 11:41:30.318[11752] Worker process for folder /Users/____/Downloads did not check in.

Does anyone know if this is related to the beta or is something else going on? TIA for any help.

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Try removing and re-adding that folder to Hazel. If it still doesn't work, please email in to support.
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It's a little glitchy. I sent over the error messages to be fixed.
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