If you have a question or problem, there are a few places you can get an answer:

If none of the above solve your problem, then drop us a line.

If you do not receive a response, chances are that email to you is bouncing (you mistyped your address) or it is being culled by your spam filters. Please check your spam folder and also that your email address is correct. If in doubt, email again or post in the forums.

If reporting a bug or crash, it would be quite useful to us if you could include the following:

  • The version of Mac OS X you are running. You can find this information in the "About This Mac" under the Apple menu.
  • The version of our software you are running.
  • What you were doing. Include step-by-step instructions if possible.
  • What you expected to happen.
  • What actually happened.
  • Any error messages in the Console.
  • If this is a crash report, any crash logs.