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Hazel 1.1.2 available

Postby Mr_Noodle » Thu Nov 16, 2006 10:35 am

1.1.2 is now available. New feature in this release is the "copy" action.

If you are running 1.1 or later, just use the built-in update system otherwise you can update manually by getting it here:


What's New:
  • Added "Copy file to" action to copy a file/folder.
  • Removed restriction on using the same type of action more than once in a rule. You can now, for instance, have two moves within the same rule.
  • Rudimentary checks added to prevent move and copy actions from having the same source and destination folders.
  • Reworked internal database to store entries by file id instead of name. Hazel-maintained metadata, like date added, should carry over across renames of the file within the same folder.
  • Fixed bug where Hazel claimed that a value was not filled in when creating a rule with the "open" action.
  • Log messages for the background process can be redirected to a file. There is no UI for this setting but it can be set with the "LogFile" key in Hazel's preferences. The value should be a fully specified path.
  • Other fixes and tweaks to rule interface.
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