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Hazel 3.1 with Date Matching

Got bills that need filing? David Sparks has a great video demonstrating Hazel 3.1's new ability to match dates within file contents. Check it out.

Automatic image resize and ftp upload with Hazel 3.1

Sid O'Neill using Hazel 3.1's new Upload action to complete his workflow.

How I went paperless with Hazel and Evernote

Katie Floyd goes over her workflow using Hazel in conjunction the ever-popular Evernote and also ever-popular ScanSnap.

Black and White Extension Icons in Chrome

Adrian Logue provides one of the more original uses of Hazel, using it to convert the color icons for Chrome extensions to monochrome.

9 Hazel Rules to Increase Your Productivity

Nice little tutorial with 9 ready to use rules by Paula DuPont.

Mac OS X Screencasts: Hazel Tutorial

Andreas Zeitler's monster video tutorial. It's not free but if you want a good rundown of how to make the most of Hazel, the price is a bargain.

The Paperless Puzzle

More bill filing goodness, this time from Shawn Blanc.

Automatically Manage and Sort Files Using Hazel

Bakari Chavanu's nice little tutorial on writing a Hazel rule. Give it a read if you need a step-by-step guide to start out.

Automated bank statement filing with Hazel

A full workflow to manage bank statements. Warning: contains some advanced script-fu.

Create OmniFocus Tasks with AppleScript

David Sparks (with a little help from others) comes up with a script to add tasks to OmniFocus whenever he scans a bill.

Hazel: Essential Mac Automation Tool

George Coghill's nice overview of Hazel. Also check out his nutty workflow to trigger stuff on his Mac from his iPhone.

Mac Power Users podcast: Hazel 3.0

A whole episode of this wonderful podcast dedicated to Hazel 3. David and Katie go into all sorts of Hazel geekery. Don't miss it.

How I Use Hazel

A few of the various ways in which Mike Vardy uses Hazel.

How to organize files and folders with Hazel

Dan Miller does this introductory video for Macworld, showing the basics of creating rules with Hazel.

How to Make Sure You Never Lose Another Presentation

Michael Gray on how to use Hazel and Dropbox to keep backups of his Powerpoint presentations.

Going Paper-Free for $220

Steve Losh shows how to go paper-free. And just to be clear, Hazel only accounted for $22 of that $220. Makes me think I should charge more...

Secure your Mac with Hazel

Displaying probably one of the more unexpected uses of Hazel, Dirt Don uses the dynamic duo of Dropbox and Hazel to catch a (potential) laptop thief.

Today's Obsession: No-Code Sites

Patrick King goes over how he uses Hazel and Dropbox (together again!) to upload files to his website.

Create an Online ebook convertor with Dropbox, Hazel, and Calibre

Again, another great pairing with Dropbox (Hazel is the chocolate to Dropbox's peanut butter).

Author + ScanSnap + Hazel + TextExpander = Time To Write

Hazel can't pay your bills but it can file them for you. Michelle Muto goes through her workflow to keep her bills organized.

Going Paperless

Katie Floyd's presentation from Macworld 2011 going through a whole slew of technologies (including Hazel) to master your paperless office workflow.

Mac Must Have: Hazel

Ben Brooks at The Brooks Review gives a nice overview of Hazel while providing a rundown of his rules. He also mentions Hazel again in Some Great Little Mac Apps article. It's a great blog in general so I recommend giving it a gander.

How to automatically organize your Mac’s bittorrents with Plex, Transmission, Automatic and Hazel

Great in-depth article from Alexandra Samuel. A must read for you Plex users or anyone that wants their downloads to media center pipeline automated.

Dropping Keys: Using Hazel and Markdown To Make Writing For The Web More Productive

Brooks Duncan shows how he works Hazel into his DIY blogging system. If you like doing your blogging bare-bones, then check it out.

The Ultimate Dropbox Toolkit & Guide

Appstorm shows a bunch of ways to take advantage of Dropbox, including using Hazel to share screenshots. Even contains a cool AppleScript to stick the url on the clipboard!

Reading my Instapaper Queue on my Kindle

John Kivus shows his flow from Instapaper to Kindle, including his Hazel rule to trigger his special Automator script.

ScanSnap and Hazel Is A Match Made In Paperless Heaven

Got a ScanSnap? Highlight the keywords in your scanned PDFs and let Hazel do the rest. Thanks for Brooks Duncan for this great tutorial. Also, check out his article on using Hazel with Evernote.

Mac.AppStorm: How to Automatically Sort and Sift Files with Hazel

Joshua Johnson goes through the steps of installing Hazel and setting up a basic droplet.

Let Hazel look after your Desktop like your Mom use to clean your room

Rick Yaeger shows how he uses Hazel to keep his Desktop clean. His mom would be proud.

How-To: Combining Hazel and Dropbox to Automate File Management

More Hazel and Dropbox goodness.

History Research Hacks: Naming archival reference photos

Shane Landrum goes step-by-step, demonstrating his workflow for archiving his photos using Hazel and even provides his ruleset.

10 [More] Killer Dropbox Tips and Tricks

Some neat tips for using Hazel with DropBox here, including remotely controlling your Mac!

Archiving files by date

Jonathan "Wolf" Rentzsch provides some downloable rules to archive files into folders by date.

MacTips Video

Check out this nice little tutorial from MacTips with accompanying video showing how to set up a basic rule in Hazel.

MacSparky Workflow

David Sparks shows how he uses Hazel to sort his scanned in bills. He goes step-by-step, showing how to incorporate file dates into the file names and folders.

Woopid Video Tutorial

The folks at Woopid have done their own set of Hazel tutorial videos. Neat.

ScreenCastsOnline screencasts

Don McAllister gives video tours of Hazel's main features.

Lifehacker: Set Up a Self-Cleaning Mac with Hazel

Gina Trapani gives a run-through of Hazel's features and provides a few rules to boot.

Kinkless screencast

Ethan Schoonover at Kinkless has an excellent screencast showing how he uses Hazel to organize his files and makes his ruleset available for download. Make sure to check out his whole series on reducing Desktop clutter.

Noodlesoft Interview at Ars Technica

Interview with yours truly.

TidBITS article

Adam Engst shows how to use Hazel to clean out your BBEdit backups folder.

Automated recording using Hazel

Grover Saunders describes how he incorporates Hazel into James Madison University's video recording workflow.


Macworld's Favorite Mac Gems of 2012

Hazel 3 makes this prestigious list of the best gems released in 2012.

My Must-Have Mac Apps, 2012 Edition

Hazel keeps company with many great apps on Frederico Viticci's list.

MacStories Review of Hazel 3

Don Southard does a great job of picking up on many of the new features in version 3.

IT Enquirer Review

Erik Vlietinick's detailed review, putting Hazel through the paces to deal with offloading his videos and images.

Macworld (Mar 13, 2012)

Dan Miller revisits Hazel with version 3 and gives it another 4.5 out of 5 mice.

100 Best Mac Apps

Hazel makes the list of makeuseof's 100 best. Actually, it's 103 but who's counting?

MacStories: Why I Started Using Hazel for Mac

Federico Viticci claims it's not meant to be a review, but come on, it's a review, and a good one at that. Hazel also makes his Must-Have Mac Apps, 2011 list.

Macworld (Dec 22, 2010)

Dan Miller gives Hazel 4.5 out of 5 mice. Hazel also makes their 2010 Mac Gems of the Year list.

TUAW: The best Mac applications I used in 2010

Hazel makes TJ Luoma's list of his best of 2010.

50 Mac Essentials

Hazel earns a spot at #23 in Giles Turnbull's 50 Mac Essentials list.

Mac.AppStorm: Mac Software for Advanced OS X Users: 70 Apps

It's a big list but Hazel clocks in there...somewhere...just do a "Find".

Barkings!: Top Ten.plist #4: Speed Up a Sluggish Mac

Hazel: Better than painting speed stripes on the side of your computer (but there's no reason why you can't do both!).

TechRadar: 40 Essential Apps and Add-ons for your Mac

Hazel makes the list.

MacLife: Seven Amazing Uses for Hazel (print and online - May 2010)

Susie Ochs runs through 7 quick things you can do with Hazel.

Gizmodo: How to Automatically Sync Any Song You Download to iTunes

Adam Pash shows how to automatically import your songs into iTunes with Hazel thrown into the mix.

Mac Power Users podcast: Workflows with Merlin Mann

Hazel gets quite the shoutout from Merlin Mann in this episode.

Macworld: Unclutter your hard drive

Hazel is mentioned twice in Joe Kissell's review of apps to help reduce your hard drive clutter.

MacLife: 50 Killer Mac Apps For Under $50 (print and online - February, 2010)

Hazel makes the list, which also includes many other great apps.

Mac Power Users podcast: Going Paperless

In this installment of a new podcast featuring Katie Floyd and David Sparks, they go over different solutions for reducing the amount of paper in their lives. David talks about how he uses Hazel to sort his scanned-in bills.

Macworld: Manage files in OS X your way

Hazel is featured under the "Self-cleaning folders" section.

LifeHacker: Clean Up and Revive Your Bloated, Sluggish Mac

In a sea of app uninstallers, Gina Trapani shows her preference for Hazel's App Sweep function.


Hazel gets a mention in Mac Geek Gab podcast #201, Dave Hamilton raves about it as he rediscovers it in #280 and a user sends in his workflow for organizing his bills in #289. Hazel is also featured in their Monday's Mac Gadget (May 18th, 2009) column.

MacFormat (print edition - May, 2009)

Craig Grannell reviews Hazel (pg. 103) and gives it their MacFormat Choice Award (5 stars)! The magazine also features a two page tutorial (pg. 64).

MacReviewcast #177

Hazel is reviewed in this podcast episode. You can also view the text of the review here.

NeatLittleMacApps podcast

Franke De Graeve covers Hazel in his wonderful podcast highlighting the best in Mac apps.

"Macworld (print edition - November, 2007)"

Hazel is featured in the "Hot Stuff" section.

Macworld Feature: Customize your Mac

Rob Griffiths mentions Hazel in the "Productivity Boosters" section.

Must-Have Mac Apps for the new Mac Switcher!

Chris Thomson includes Hazel in his list of essential apps.

MacApper Review

Michael Mistretta's video review.

Rick Yaeger on Leo Laporte's "The Lab"

Rick Yaeger of MacMerc talks about Hazel on Leo Laporte's The Lab TV show.

Merlin Mann on Leo Laporte's MacBreak podcast

Merlin talks about a lot of great apps in this segment, including Hazel. Hazel is brought up again on Leo's Mac Break Weekly audio podcast.

MacUser Magazine (UK) Review

5/5 mice

TUAW Review of Hazel 1.0

"Hazel is one of those rare pieces of software…that feels like it's filling a gaping feature void I didn't even know Apple left in Mac OS X"

Follow-up on TUAW

"Hazel almost instantly became some of the best $16 I've ever spent on my computing." [note: Hazel's price has increased since then]

TUAW on the 2.0 beta

"I honestly believe Hazel is a killer - nay: essential - app…[I] can't even begin to guess at how much time it's saved me."

Ars Technica review

"It's very powerful, but also very easy to use and very unobtrusive."

Ars Technica on the 2.0 beta

"…quite a useful addition to anyone's toolbox."

O'Grady's PowerPage blurb

"This application is gold I tell you, gold."

The Apple Blog Review

"I've been tinkering with Hazel quite a bit in the past couple weeks, and have really seen moments of brilliance in it."

Lifehacker Download of the Day - Aug 21, 2006 and Dec 26, 2006

Lifehacker Top 10 Mac Utilities

I think they like Hazel.

Mac OS X Hints Pick of the week: November 13, 2006