About Us

Noodlesoft is a one-man company dedicated to making great software since 2006.

We are based in New York City, unofficial capital of pasta-named software companies producing software solely for the Mac.

Meet the Team

Paul Kim

Chief Noodler

Paul Kim

Head Accountant

Paul Kim

Senior System Administrator

Paul Kim

Customer Support Specialist

Founder and Chief Noodler Paul Kim started his career developing software for NeXT computers (which would later form the basis of Mac OS X). He would eventually come to work at Lighthouse Design, the premier developers of software on the NeXT platform.

After some years working in the Java world, he returned to Cocoa development. Fortunately, a cloning accident involving a bowl of ramen and a box of melted crayons allowed him to found Noodlesoft and build it up into the major software manufacturing concern it is today.