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Hazel 2.3.2 Release Notes

New Features:
  • Snow Leopard compatibility: Hazel is now runnable on Snow Leopard.
  • 64 bit support: Hazel is now 64-bit. If your CPU supports it, the preference pane will load into System Preferences on Snow Leopard without requiring a restart in 32-bit mode. The background processes will also run in 64-bit on Snow Leopard.
User interface changes:
  • Fixed the menubar menu not updating when a drive was mounted/unmounted.
  • Entries in the menubar menu for folders on unmounted/ejected drives will now stay there and just grey out when the drive is unavailable.
  • Numeric attributes now show your selected number format in its pop-up if it isn’t one of the presets.
  • Fixed attributes and tokens getting “linked” across rules when a rule was copied. For example changes to the date format in one would be seen in the other. Copies now should be totally distinct from each other.
  • Fixed keyboard navigation in the main pane interface.
  • Fixed the focus ring not showing up for the action pull-down button.
  • Entries in the Spotlight picker should now sort in a case-insensitive manner.
Core changes:
  • Fixed bug where the uninstall log was not being created, therefore breaking multiuser App Sweep.
  • Fixed App Sweep popping up if a duplicate of a file is thrown away. This usually happens when a copy of the app is already in the Trash resulting in “” thus tricking Hazel into thinking it’s a different app.
  • Fixed case where a badly formed bundle id would confuse App Sweep into adding the preferences folder to the support file list.
  • App Sweep should now be able to clean up after screen savers.
  • Fixed text captured by a custom token having spaces stripped out of it.
  • Fixed crash when executing a rule which used the “domain” attribute with a special format option (formatting as “” instead of “”) and the file had no domain set.
  • Tweaked trash algorithm in terms of prioritizing and handling oversized files.
  • Fixed subtle case in code determining a file’s extension when the extension is a number (such as is the case with man pages) and it has a file association with an app.
  • Numerous internal fixes.

Hazel 2.2 Release Notes

New Features:
  • Ability to create patterns for matching. Use the “matches/does not match” operator.
  • Ability to create custom tokens. Define them in your match patterns and then use them in your rename/sort/Growl actions.
  • AppleScripts and shellscripts can now be embedded into the rules. No external files needed. Scripts can be edited right in Hazel.
  • Added new GTD-like date matching. Dates can be compared against “Today”, “This Week”, “This Month” and “This Year” which align with the calendar concepts of days, weeks, months and year.
  • Added “is in the next” operator for dates. Useful for dates in the future (like due dates).
  • Added “Subfolder Depth” attribute which is how many levels deep from the top folder (the top folder being at depth 0). Can now control what rules apply to what levels of a folder hierarchy.
  • AppleScripts can now return a record with special keys to communicate back to Hazel:
    • hazelStop: If set to true, Hazel will stop processing the current rule, considering it to have executed successfully. Subsequent actions in this rule will not be run.
    • hazelSwitchFile: If set to an alternate file, subsequent actions will act on this file instead of the original one passed in. You can use this when the file is “transformed” (like turned into an archive) or if you want to re-target another file, like the parent folder.
User interface changes:
  • You can now select multiple rules in the rule list (finally).
  • Added new formatting options for the “domain” token. Clicking on it will allow you to get its “base” domain or strip it down even further by dropping the TLD. For instance, “” can be formatted as “” or “example”.
  • Script pop-ups now keep track of any currently used scripts.
  • Fixed underlining of the “month” token’s menu items. While the numerical forms should have underlines to indicate number of digits, they make no sense for the textual forms (Dec & December).
  • Tweaked the color label picker on Leopard to more closely resemble Finder’s current look. Will also display name and selection frame when moused over.
  • Widened rule window to match width of System Preference’s window (at least, Leopard’s version of it).
  • Fixed multiple duster icons appearing. Note, this fixes the problem from this version onwards. You may still experience it when first upgrading to this version.
Core changes:
  • App Sweep will prompt for a password if any support files’ permissions require it.
  • App Sweep now picks up any installed QuickLook plugins.
  • Fixed bug where extra hazeldb files were being created.
  • Added “ScanInvisibles” default. If set, Hazel will not ignore invisibles, instead processing them like any other file.
  • Added “IgnoredBackupDirs” default. It is an array of directories that when determining whether an app is installed, App Sweep will ignore if that app is underneath that directory.
  • HFS busy flag is now ignored. Files with this flag set will not be considered busy. It was unclear whether any program uses this correctly and there were cases where programs were setting the flag incorrectly.
  • Fixed error messages being logged when uninstalling files even when it was successful.
  • Fixed memory leaks.

Restoring Hazel from backups

If you need to restore your Hazel settings and rules from a backup, use this procedure:

  • Quit System Preferences.
  • Launch Activity Monitor. While in Activity Monitor, do the following:
    • Find HazelHelper. Quit HazelHelper.
    • Find cfprefsd. Quit any occurrences that you can (some may be for other accounts and you can’t kill them).
  • Restore the following:
    • In your Library/Application Support folder, the Hazel folder
    • In your Library/Preferences folder, the files starting with com.noodlesoft.
  • Reboot.

If this doesn’t work, contact support.

Hazel 2.3.6 Release Notes

User interface changes:
  • Fixed rules not loading when a rules file was double-clicked.
  • Fixed help button being broken in the Trash pane.
  • Fixed + button sometimes getting stuck in “duplicate” mode after option key is released (visually, it would show the right icon but clicking it would make it behave as if the option key were being held down).
  • Fixed instructional text in script editor not updating properly when loading in a non-sh script.
  • Menubar icon darkened to match black levels of other icons. Depending on your monitor’s color calibration, it should make it easier to distinguish between active and disabled states.
  • Fixed some sporadic crashes in the UI.
  • Various cosmetic tweaks.
Core changes:
  • Fixed file counter attribute going wacky once it counts up to 10. Hazel now goes to 11 (and beyond).
  • Hazel should now recognize duplicate files with the simple pattern of “File 1”, “File 2”, etc. It appears Finder/BOMArchiveHelper generates this pattern when unarchiving files so Hazel should be able to clean those up now (provided you have the option checked to purge dupes).
  • Fixed a crash in the HazelHelper process.
  • File locking now done by opening the file read-only (as opposed to read-write). This fixed the problem where Hazel scanning would inadvertently uncompress files that were using HFS compression.
  • Numerous other fixes.

Hazel 2.3.5 Release Notes

New features:
  • Added “source folder” attribute to be used in rename/subfolder patterns. Represents the original folder the file/folder was located in. You can set the formatting of the attribute to show the relative path from the watched folder. The upshot of this is you can move/copy a file to another folder and then sort it into a subfolder, basically mirroring the folder structure at the source.
  • Added “#” attribute. This represents a counter where it substitutes an ever increasing number each time. Can be used to number files sequentially.
  • Now integrates with Speed Download. Its download folder is selectable in the open dialog when adding a folder to monitor. In addition, Hazel will recognize its incomplete downloads and numbering scheme (for the purposes of identifying possible dupes).
  • Hazel can now run AppleScript bundles (scptd).
User interface changes:
  • Added tool tips for most draggable attributes.
  • Fixed the crumpled paper icon in the App Sweep window. It would draw incorrectly on certain Mac models.
  • Fixed the “enclosing folder” icon in folder pop-ups possibly not drawing optimally on certain Mac models.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t edit any rules after a certain sequence of events.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t edit certain rules containing an embedded AppleScript.
  • Fixed the interface bugging out if you clicked on an invalid folder and opted to select a new one then cancelled the open dialog.
  • When editing the number of digits for a number, the case for 0 digits is now displayed as “No change”, meaning that the number will be displayed as it was given.
  • Fixed flakiness when deleting a custom token.
  • Various other UI fixes and tweaks.
  • Minor tweaks to help files.
Core changes:
  • AppSweep now cleans out the -Caches- folder under /var/folders
  • AppSweep now cleans out Growl tickets.
  • Fixed possible crasher when AppSweep is triggered.
  • Fixed case where if a custom token matched text with numbers in it, it would remove any leading zeroes on that text instead of letting it pass through untouched.
  • Fixed certain actions failing after a script action if the script swapped the file for a different one.
  • Fixed case on Leopard where AppSweep would copy instead of move a file across volumes.
  • Fixed the “date opened” attribute. Would bomb when executing the rule if used in a pattern.
  • Fixed detection of Finder numbered duplicates (e.g. somefile copy 2).
  • Will automatically purge any of the temporary Hazel pref files in the Preferences directory. This should follow a weekly schedule when the logs are rotated. This is a workaround for an Apple bug.
  • Plugged memory leak.
  • Numerous fixes.

Hazel 4.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Live rule preview. When editing a rule, you can pick a file to preview against and see how the rule’s conditions match that file while editing.
  • Rule syncing. You can now sync rules to a specific file. This can be done for multiple folders on the same machine, or across machines by using a file cloud service (Dropbox, iCloud Drive, etc.). Sync options are available via the gear pulldown.
  • Old rule preview interface expanded to a status interface. For files already processed, will show rule that matched and the last matched date. If there was an error, it will be displayed instead.
  • Smart folders can now be monitored and have rules applied to their contents. Works like regular folders except that you cannot perform operations involving going into or matching subfiles/subfolders.
  • Rule search added. Entering search terms in the field will search across various fields in the rule and filter the rule list as appropriate.
  • New “Toggle extension” action to show/hide a file’s extension.
  • “Display Notification” action now has option to play a sound.
  • “anything” (…) attribute now available in “Sort into subfolder” patterns. This allows you to sort into an existing folder based on only part of the folder name. When using this, note that the folder cannot be created for you automatically.
  • Improvements to “counter” attribute:
    • Added option to use lowest number available. Default is still to always increase.
    • Added option to use letters instead of numbers.
  • Added new “monitored folder” as a destination for move/copy operations. Represents the top level folder being monitored by Hazel. Especially useful for rules that are synced, where the monitored folder varies and cannot be hardcoded.
  • When using list-based attributes in a format pattern, you can pick any element (1st, 2nd 3rd, etc.) starting from the beginning or end of the list. Previously could only pick all items, the first item or the last item.
  • Introduced pop-up help text in a couple places to help point out less-used features.
  • Can now show invisible characters when editing patterns. Use command-shift-i to toggle it on and off.
  • Requires 10.10 (Yosemite).
User interface changes:
  • Notification options moved from gear pulldown to the “Info” section. They are app-wide settings, not per-folder, so it made more sense to put them there.
  • Rules that are moved between folders will be deactivated. Likewise, if a rule is copied, the copy will be deactivated. This is to prevent cases where you want to move/copy then edit the rule in the new folder. There is a window of time between the copy and the edit where Hazel can run using the temporarily unwanted version of the rule. The rule can be re-enabled by clicking its checkbox at the new location.
  • Canceling rule edits will bring up a warning if changes have been made.
  • Can now edit server settings for the Upload action.
  • Fixed dragging of conditions/actions being glitchy in certain cases on El Capitan. In the process, also made it smoother overall.
  • Attributes which are lists of dates now have their own set of operators. Previously used the same operators as single dates which didn’t actually work when the rule was evaluated.
  • Rule window is now resizable horizontally.
  • Replace text window is now resizable.
  • Added some instructional notes to sample rules.
  • Updated app and document icons.
  • “Reveal in Finder” action and contextual menus now “Show in Finder” to reflect current verbiage in OS X.
  • When deleting a custom attribute, if it was in use, an alert would be shown. If you clicked cancel, the deleted attribute would not come back. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed rare case where the rule window comes up too short, cutting off the action at the bottom.
  • Fixes to tag field behavior.
  • Fixed a couple of hangs.
  • Got rid of duplicate entries in the pop-up for selecting AppleScripts/JavaScripts.
  • Various tweaks and fixes.
Core changes:
  • Fixed rules using “is among the…” not running in certain cases.
  • Text replacements now work on numeric attributes.
  • Now uses more specific file events making processing a bit more efficient as only files/folders involved in a change are processed.
  • Fixed move/copy across volumes failing when there is an issue being able to acquire a temporary space to copy the file.
  • Fixed case where error status on a file was not being cleared if the file ended up matching no rules.
  • Rule evaluation engine will now forgo certain optimizations to ensure any custom attributes that can be matched will be.
  • Improved loop detection. Should hopefully prevent some cases which will become even more common with the new Smart Folder support.
  • Fixed throwing away duplicates function only working on the top level folder and not in subfolders.
  • Worker process will now reload rules between loops to catch any changes to rules.
  • Fixed case where prediction time may not be assigned correctly.
  • Small changes to make rules a bit less dependent on aspects of any specific host when synced or exported.
  • Fixed errors in various places where an Apple/JavaScript would export a nil/missing value for a custom attribute.
  • Numerous internal fixes, updates and cleanups.